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Welcome to Rob Laurie Music.  Here you will find compilations of musical works created by Rob Laurie of Burlington, Ontario.




[Nov.24, 2012]

Our Christmas Album is now available for sale.  Physical copies can be purchased for $12.00 from myself but can also be streamed from

Proceeds will go to a local charity, namely


Please feel free to if you would like to arrange a time to pick up your copy.

Here's hoping all have a very Merry Christmas! 

[Nov.17, 2012]

A Christmas Album is in the making!  Many hours of arranging, producing, and recording are about to pay off.  All songs are favorites of mine as well as fellow vocalist, Grecthen Lamers.  Many thanks to our spouses for their support and for having to listening to Christmas songs since July! 

This collection will be posted on site here at when it comes available.  Physical copies are being sold but will be streamed online for free!  Hope you enjoy, and have a happy holiday season!

[Mar.22, 2012]

"Catch A Rising Star" is a CD that Paramount Song is producing to showcase their very best writers of 2011.  "Let's Thank Mama" will be one of those songs!  Paramount's reputation should speak for itself, but I'm sure it will be an excellent album when completed.  They will also, on my behalf, send a copy of this album to my choice of radio station!  My choice was KX 94.7 FM in Hamilton.  Wish me luck that in the near future I'll get what I've always dreamed of, and that's hearing one of my songs on the radio!  Here is a link to "Let's Thank Mama" done by Paramount Song.  Enjoy. 

[Mar.20, 2012]

Exploring My Jazzy Side - New Song

Hi friends and fans, here's a song that's been in the making for some time now. I ironed out the arrangement and solo work this week and am happy to share it with all of you!

"Treat Me The Best That You Can"

[Mar. 6, 2012]

Signed, Sealed, Delivered! After a review from lawyer, I've sent out a song publishing contract presented to me from B.M.I. Music. (  Many thanks to Charlie Ray International Talent Group for their hard work!

B.M.I. will place "Let's Thank Mama" in their catalog for perspective artists to record for the next two years. If any royalties are generated within that period it will permanently remain in their catalog! I am hopeful that someone will find this song, take it to heart, and want to put it on their album. Again, as I've said before, so happy that things are moving forward for me at this time! Till Later......

[Feb. 24, 2012]

An exciting day, got back CD of "Let's Thank Mama" from Paramount song. They did an awesome job on the recording! I really loved their interpretation and vocal phrasing.


In another envelope, a song publishing contract from BMI music!  They will plug and include "Let's Thank Mama" in their catalogue for browsing recording artists within their studios to hear for 2 years.  If any royalties are generated in that time period it will be placed permanantly in their catalogue!  Very excited that things are moving forward!

[Feb. 14, 2012]

Happy to receive a "Director's Award" for song-writing competition with Paramount Song. It was a submission for a Christmas song contest. It's still in it's preliminary stages, so that means I have a shot for grand prize!  The song is called, "I Wonder If There's One For Me?"  Click here for song.

[Feb. 2, 2012]

New Web Host - Gator

Host Gator has been extremly cooperative in this transission period.  Customer service is obviously one of their priorities.

Thanks Host Gator Team!

[November 20, 2011]

Starting Dec 1st, 2011 my demo CD will begin the plugging process with Charlie Ray International Talent Group in Nashville, TN!  He comes with great experience and connections.  I have full faith that he will approach the appropriate people on my behalf!

[June 30, 2011]

Now selling on CD Baby! More songs to come.

[June 24, 2011]

Arrangement on a new song finished!  Pedal Steel part sounds sweet!

[June 16 to 23, 2011]
Laid down some tracks with "The Jazz Kitchen" recording studio here in Burlington, Ontario for some of my up and coming songs. 

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