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Keep Your Head Up Boy

Just finished a new song.  The song-writing process went very smooth on this one. Some situations just have that power over me. Inspiration sometimes comes from a somewhat darker place, thus, writing something to brighten up the mood.  A young man and extended family member, 2nd or 3rd cousin, or something like that, is going…

New Song Coming Soon!

In the final stages of a new song. Chords, lyrics, arrangement, style, tempo, and melody down pat. Now just to record vocals, some guitar work, and some finishing touches. It will be called, “Keep Your Head Up Boy”. It reflects on the relationship between a parent and a child with a serious medical condition. Also,…

Mastering Project

I will soon be wrapping up a CD project with a great country song-writer.  Dean Robert and I are hoping to see it in its completion before the year’s end.  I will post links to where you can check this out as soon as it becomes available!  Until then…… Robert Laurie